Monday, May 31, 2010

It easier said than done...

The 7 day challenge has been a little difficult; in a nutshell the hugging hasn't been a problem, the attachement play has been hit or miss and the 20 minutes of their own choice - not going as planned.

Friday night I had good intentions, I had plans to play with the kids for 20 minutes each, but at the last minute we decided to have a family date with take-out, a movie and some popcorn. The kids both snuggled with me on the lay-z-boy. Even though it wasn't necessarily their choice of game, it was good family bonding time and we all enjoyed ourselves.

Saturday I did good. It was a busy morning & afternoon. Tamaya had her dance recital and we did a lot of running around. We managed to have our 20 minutes each of play time after supper. I baked some cookies and Tamaya, Ty and I had cookies and a tea party, afterwards, Ty and I played SuperMario Bros on the wii, while Tamaya rubbed my feet. (she was paying me restitution for an earlier incident) she later joined in on the wii fun.

I wasn't sure how I would do each play time one on one with the child playing the game of their choice. It worked out well that we all played together, and there was no trying to sabotage, you see, as long as Ty is regulated my children are best of friends and play very well together. I think had I "rejected" him and asked him to go elsewhere I would of had a meltdown and needed to divert my attention to him, which would not of been fair to Tamaya. I'm going to try and get some one on one with each of them while the other is busy - maybe tonight I will do something with Tamaya while Ty is soaking in the tub and vice versa.

Sunday - between Sunday clean up, guest coming over, and me having to leave for my monthly Bonco with the ladies, I ran out of time.

Monday night Steve worked late, I had to make dinner, Ty had a school project to finish up - we ran out of time. In my defense the school *project was a time line with pictures of his life from birth until now with all of his milestones, it was nice bonding time.

* the project was a BIG source of some disregulation last week. I'm guessing that the teacher gave examples of the time line and she must of mentioned something to the effect that you can start with a picture of when you were in your mom's belly. I was livid and ready to call her and kindly give her a piece of my mind about sensitivity, but once I read over the instructions of what the project entailed I realised I could probably ease his anxiety. I explained to him that all children had their own time line and that none of them would be the same. I told him it wasn't necessary to have a pregnancy picture, that we would included a baby picture of him while he was waiting to come home with a picture of his nursery awaiting his arrival. I also gave him the option to not do the project at all, but once we got talking about his milestones he was on board 100%.

I'm hoping to report better news in the challenge department next post... Wish me luck!!!


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